United States Court of Apathy,
Infinite Circuit, 2018.
630 W.3s 708.

FACTS She was a minor, an unwanted black kitten he cornered with the kitchen broom, witch-like in his evil, his throat an upside-down mockingbird learning how to mew groom, groom, groom. When the sirens flew closer, rabid bats in the night-red sky, she shed into the role of scarecrow and protected him, then watered her diseased crops when the cops left satisfied. She was the guardian statue cracking down the right cheek to the base beneath her sandaled feet. He leaned on her to tie his shoes. Brushed straw off his sleeve. Walked away free.

ISSUE Does the Court of Apathy, Infinite Circuit, believe her account of the assault? Does the evidence presented to the degreed pack of dogs–audio clips, slick, slippery, smug confession, two witnesses, a non-apology apology from the mouth of the incriminated, his remorse only that he got caught, the other women and children who came forward–meet the needs in the rule of law to serve justice on a dish served cold?

DECISION No. The Court of Apathy for the Infinite Circuit reversed the decision of the lowly survivor.

REASON The family wishes to shelter their precious mockingbird from a cage. He’s gone on to sing new, beautiful songs, sometimes all night long. She is a scarecrow. The wind will loose her felt hat in the cold of winter, but she will smile at the breaking sun. The statute of limitations has run out.


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