Jihad Jihadi Jihadist

I am watching one CNN reporter argue
with another CNN reporter about
the definition of jihad.

They have two things in common:
 1. They are White, and
 2. They mispronounce jihad.

I remember learning about jihad
as a little girl. My mother said
that any struggle, big or small,
that a person must endure
in this world, is that individual’s

She closed the lesson with an example:

Let’s say there is an alcoholic,
and he is a husband and a father,
and he is failing his duties to his family
because the bottle comes first.
That is the man’s jihad.

I remember learning about jihad
as a slightly older little girl. My instructor
at the mosque said, Sunday after Sunday,
Beti, your unanswerable questions
about suffering, your ceaseless pursuit
to the point of isolation and atheism,
is your jihad.

I watch man fight man
and wonder at what point did jihad
become blood, and at what point does
jihad become tears?


Published in The Wolfian.

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